Sensible Space

How does Sensible Space design a room for a client?

We listen…to proposed purpose for the room; to stories about furniture and artwork inherited from past generations; to favorite colors; to likes and dislikes. Our business is based on caring about people and fulfilling their wishes – not a formula from a book.  Because we listen, our clients are happy to be home!

The concept of One Day Decorating or interior room rearrangement and decorating is a budget-friendly, fast approach to achieving a fabulous room or rooms within just a few hours.  We can do each room, one at a time.

Sensible Space work with Residential ClientsAre you Ready to redecorate your home?  Or have you just purchased the ultimate home for your growing family?  Maybe a spacious condo in a retirement community?  The right decorations and arrangements can make a world of difference in your comfort.

Sensible Space helps Seniors make living arrangment TransitionsSenior Transitions is helping Seniors downsize to a smaller floor plan or move from a home they’ve known for years into a new environment.  This one is special for us.  We know families struggle with helping their Seniors make these decisions.  As a third party, we listen and help the Senior adjust at their pace.

Office/CommericalGood office design inspires creativity and energy within the entire work force. Wall color, organized work spaces, proper furniture, good lighting and expressive artwork nourish and fuel our imagination. And few things are more important than the first impression a client sees as they enter your facility.

Consulting Services

Sensible Space provides Consulting ServicesIn this age of Do It Yourself, some people feel they don’t need the services of an interior decorator. We understand that, and instead offer our assistance and knowledge to help you make the best decisions.  Give us a call, let’s talk about what you want to do and explore options from there.



“If you love something, it will work.  That’s the only real rule.”

Bunny Williams