Consulting Services

Do It Yourself… With Our Help

In this age of Do It Yourself, some people feel they do not need the services of a decorator. We understand that and instead offer our assistance to help you make the best decisions.

An area where most homeowners have a problem is with the selection of paint colors – both interior and exterior. The fastest way to create design chaos in the interior of a home is to use multiple colors throughout – not a good thing. Our experts can demonstrate the best way to create a flow throughout the home with colors that create a seamless blend.

Have you ever ridden through a neighborhood only to see houses that look “confused”? That’s because they have too many colors on the exterior. A house can possibly have brick, siding and cedar shingles or stone all on the front. How do you make all that work with the front door color, shutters and trim paint? We are here to help.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the “hot spots” of every home plan. With a large selection of tiles, counter top options and back splash selections, the choices can be confusing. And, once the installation is completed, there is no turning back. A professional opinion is invaluable.

As requested, we can also recommend sources for electrical and plumbing installations; painting contractors and the best sources for floor covering selections.

For the finest in window treatments, we work with the best custom workrooms in Charlotte.

Our many years of experience can provide the best DIY-er with helpful advice for a very low fee.