One Day Decorating

Want a Quick Face-lift?

One Day Decorating is the perfect solution for a face-lift for your home without the wait of 6-8 weeks for new furniture or the expense of tons of artwork and accessories.

The concept of One Day Decorating or interior room rearrangement is a budget-friendly, fast approach to achieving a fabulous room or rooms within just a few hours.

When we arrive at the client’s home, we briefly consult with the homeowner to get an idea of how the designated room is used daily. From there the team evaluates the contents of the room. And, with the owner’s permission, we take a quick tour of the home to see what other pieces can be utilized in the new design. The architectural focus of the room is established; then the room is cleared – except for very bulky pieces – to create a blank palette.

We respect the client’s furnishings and do not pass judgment on their personal style. Our job is to arrange the existing furniture, art and accessories as needed to create something more comfortable and eye catching. Our end goal is to help the client use what they have – not to sell more furnishings.

At the end of the day, “the big reveal” to the homeowner is always the best part!

The photo above is one of our favorite clients in Charlotte. Made a HUGE difference!


One Day Decorating